Persecuting Journalist In Croatia For Exposing Serb Orthodox Priests Glorifying Chetnik Murderers

Ina, will Croatia ever become a peaceful country without hatred and racism?
I wish I could talk to you and understand it the way you do. The United Nations should step in and require that all the rhetoric and hate speech end immediately. I realize that I am not very knowledgeable about this but
why can’t Serbs have Serbia and Croatians have Croatia? So many innocent lives sacrificed for what? Surely, there are those who want peace.
Is peace impossible? Hugs, Barbara

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Marko Juric Host: Z1TV "Mark's Square" Program Photo: Screenshot Z1 TV Croatia January 2016Marko Juric
Host: Z1TV “Mark’s Square” Program
Photo: Screenshot Z1 TV Croatia January 2016

No judge, no jury – Croatia’s e-media (electronic media regulatory body in Croatia) has decided last week to temporarily shut down the broadcasting of Z1 TV programs as its draconian and utterly communist Yugoslavia-style response to opinion or comment expressed by TV program “Markov Trg” (Mark’s Square) host Marko Juric and an utterly ugly and hateful lynch against Juric was thus unleashed in public without any regard to justice or justification and indeed the right to “fair comment”, which – by the way – is and has been a solid rock for journalists to hold onto in defense of their opinions or comments throughout developed democracies of the Western world. Regretfully, Croatian democracy or democratic thought and deed have a long way to go before it can safely be said that Croatian citizens are truly safe…

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Maine Witches Honored For Protection Against Jonas Spell

What a wonderful post. Hugs, Barbara LOL

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Maine Witches Honored For Protection Against Jonas Spell | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherWhile the rest of the East Coast continued to dig out from underneath Winter Storm Jonas, Mainers enjoyed a sunny day during which the mercury crept into the mid-forties, Modern Philosophers!

How did Maine, the state that is so often the focus of Snow Miser’s wrath, manage to avoid even a flurry during the Great Blizzard of 2016?

The answer was clear today at Bangor City Hall, where Maine’s most powerful Witches were honored for their Protection Against Jonas Spell.

Waltzing Matilda, Volcanica Ivy, and Ti-Diana were presented the Stephen King Medal of Honor, the highest award that can be bestowed upon a Maine citizen who is not a member of the Armed Forces.

The ladies, who are my good friends, the leaders of Maine’s largest coven, and co-owners of Three Toads & A Wicked Lady, Maine’s most popular Witch bar, accepted their medals from Mayor Ben Sprague as a…

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When a man and a woman of any age go out, she is consenting to dinner and perhaps a movie. When they meet in a bar, if they decide to go home together they maybe thinking of having sex, perhaps. At any moment either of them has the right to change their minds. This is called consent. Even if they are lying together upon a bed, one of them has the right to say, NO! You can’t ignore a NO. You can’t force the other person out of No, because doing so is a crime. All you can do is to get up and put your clothes on and leave.


Remember, if the other person says No!, you must heed this NO! If you try to force the issue, you are a jerk (male/female) and you will probably end up in jail. There is no glory or satisfaction in that. The other person owns their body and has the right to give permission to enjoy it or to say you can’t use their body. They don’t have to explain, they merely need to say NO! For Example:





No means NO, always

No means NO, always