I Look To the Future and See My Children’s Children’s Children

I usually look at the big picture. When I think of my children and grandchildren, all nine of them, I like to imagine what the great grandchildren and great great children would be like. Then I try to imagine the world we will be leaving them. I must confess that I don’t feel as hopeful as I did in the sixties.


In the 60’s, we really wanted a peaceful world filled with love, kindness, compassion and equality. We didn’t achieve it. I hope history will show that we tried. I hope that we can leave the next generations a beautiful world where people think about each other and offer a helping hand. I hope that they will honor Mother Earth and save her. I hope that they all find a spiritual path, but understand that they should not war and fight over the various paths.


I hope that they believe trees and flowers are more important than money. I hope they will not be racist or judgemental. I hope they develop the ability to look at other human beings and see the similarities, not the differences. I hope they can see beyond what gratification they want and find their happiness in love of their fellow human beings.


What do you want for your future generations?







The faces of the future.

The faces of the future.