Finding Their Voices






These girls belong to a program called GET LIT. Its mission is to increase literacy with the use of poetry. These young girls are just some of the students inspired and encouraged about the power of the word.


As they perform their poetry at public venues such as on the Queen Latifah show, they have the ability to say what they feel safely and to know that they are touching other people with their words. I believe this is a great program for our schools and a wonderful addition to school curriculum. See if it is in your schools. It is a wonderful way for teens to learn to express their feelings in non-violent ways.


“Poetry comes from the heart, it’s the soul-talk of a culture. Get Lit makes this happen in so many wonderful ways. When young people own both a classic poem, and then endeavor to create their own poetic responses, this is the bridge between generations, of the old and the new, of the traditional and the yet-to-be-traditional. Get Lit makes this happen – and we as a city, a country, and a world are better off for it. ”

-Luis J. Rodriguez,
poet, activist, author