Stop Making the Ebola Crisis About the United States


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On Christmas break of 2011, my parents both decided that their home country of Liberia was safe enough for my younger brother and me to visit. After sustaining a military coup and a nearly 20-year civil war, the country seemed ready for a turnaround once the war ended in 2003.

The only things I knew about Liberia before then were by word of mouth. Most pictures of the Liberia my parents grew up in had been destroyed by military rebels back in the 1990s. My parents did make sure to visit Liberia on separate occasions before our family trip, just to make sure they could actually bring their children in the future.

We stayed in Liberia for nearly a month. Seeing, hearing and tasting everything that Liberia had to offer opened my eyes and solidified my identity as a Liberian American more than…

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