The Reality of Black LIves Matter


Many are speaking ill of the organization Black Lives Matter. Many untruths are being said but these people are members of the organization and are speaking truth. I hope this will clarify issues for some people. Ultimately, I believe all lives matter. However. I do believe for America it must start with Black Lives Matter. We have been a racist country since our founding. The issue of slavery has been the ghost rattling keys in our closets.


I wish the Founding Fathers had succeeded in their attempts. They did try long and hard. They decided it would be a less emotional issue for Americans to handle after we had been a country for a while. They meant well. But it is still here and it is now an abyss which divides America.


I want this to be healed. I want an end to racism and soon. I don’t want more people to die.


Let today be the day you look inside your heart of hearts and find the racism that is still lingering and hiding. Pull it out, vow to look at all people as your brothers and sisters. They truly are. We are equal. Murdering each other, lynching, hating will not change the fact that all color of people are equal. We are all children of the Universe, made from the same matter as the stars. Let us accomplish what the Founding Fathers weren’t able to do: make America truly, now and forever equal. equal for all of us.






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15 thoughts on “The Reality of Black LIves Matter

  1. Yes Barbara ALL lives DO Matter.. I too want our world to Heal.. and Soon ❤

  2. The Poetry Channel says:

    Me too.

  3. To live and let live with any that will do the same. Restrain the rest for they are all the human trouble in the world.

    I live in the east-end of London. It has been multicultural since the heyday of the docks. We get on. Every now and then racists try to stir trouble here. They always fail. Progress is slow but the ground that is gained is never given up.

    Good luck in your endeavours. 🙂

    • How do you do it? We need to make some mighty big changes in race relations here in America. The abyss is staring back at us right now, Hugs and harmony, Barbara

      • I suppose we have been fortunate because the problem was never so deeply embedded over here.

        Not that we don’t have problems but it’s always a few people who only appear to represent a larger contingent.

        Your choice of words is apt. People don’t have to be integrated to live in harmony. Perhaps that’s how we manage to get on (mostly).

        America is still new and I’m sure it will get over it’s birth pangs in time. Progress is slow compared with the span of our days, but history shows that it marches on regardless because the desire for a better world keeps on being born and is indomitable.

        Have a nice week.

        Regards Graham :-).

    • I take comfort in your words. Five years ago I thought racism was on its way into history. I was so wrong. Thanks Graham

  4. Joss says:

    We are being confronted with our judgements, our racism, our feelings of being better than over and over. We need to wake up, to care, to ensure that some lives don’t matter more than others. It’s on us.

  5. Jackie says:

    “…a ghost rattling keys in our closets” I love that statement. I believe that we have been in a stagnant stage as country with a few issues such as race but hopefully this is our great awakening and we will finally hold the words that the founding fathers wrote to be true.

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