Opening my heart


Opening my heart

I have been listening to Pema Chodrun’s book about compassion and she inspired this Zentagle and multi-page layout. I have been playing with copies of it so you will probably see it again in a new iteration. We are coming up to my favorite week of the year. I love Thanksgiving and we celebrate Game Day the Friday after. We invite friends and family to come and play, eat, and talk all day. My heart is opening up wider and wider. Come on in.


Here is the open heart layout. I also really like how the page with all the circles turned out. This is the third picture book I have used in a row and I’m ready for the texture and blocks of text of a chapter book. How could I resist a book about Thanksgiving for my November gratitude journal?


My yoga teacher was talking about balancing effort…

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2 thoughts on “Opening my heart

  1. Thanks for the reblog! I’m so happy you discovered me and now I have found you. I’m loving your blog.

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