The Chautauqua Experience


I wanted to share some more of my experiences at Chautauqua with you. It truly is like walking into another world. A world that is quieter and beautiful. Fragrance fills the air. Faintly, from the direction of the lake you can hear laughter and giggling.

My first thing to do is to take pictures. I took over 600 photos. No you won’t have to look at all of them. I allow the energy fill me and take me to my calm space. We walked down the main street, which is brick, and found ourselves at Bestor plaza. I released a sigh of contentment.

After the big band performance, we went down to the lake for the fireworks. I sat on a bench while Amy video taped them. Chautauqua has a bell tower and it played patriotic songs while we watched the July 4th fireworks. We left about eleven to go…

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