Love and Peace Instead of War

Mother Teresa stated, ” Works of love are always works of peace.”

When and where there is God, there is peace. He/she pours their love for us and peace flows over us and within us. Divine love always pours joy and peace into our hearts. My prayer is to be led from despair to hope, from fear to trust, from hate to love, and from war to peace. Our world, our universe is Peace, Peace, Peace.

It cannot exist with war, hate and violence. Every day, we make choices about the world we create around us.

We all have the right to be at peace and happy. We were created to have this life of peace. We can each have peace in our world without causing pain or suffering to others. We each have a responsibility to use what we have been given to create peace. There is no other higher pleasure than to create peace and have that peace in your life create a ripple effect and flow out to touch others in positive ways.

We need to love one another as The One loves each of us. Accepting that love and using it to bring peace into your life will bring peace to those around you. As they feel covered and immersed in peace, it will flow out of their lives and will touch an ever larger group of people. It is a beautiful thing to see and experience.

Peace Plea

Please, protect my child.
Please, protect other mothers’ children.
Please, give me peace.
Please, give other mothers peace.
Please, give the world peace and justice.
This is the peace only you can give.”

————Karen Lavin


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12 thoughts on “Love and Peace Instead of War

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] A lovely message along with beautiful artwork!

  2. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    I’m tired of war!

  3. Barbara, this is all we need to embrace if we want to change the world.. If we were all but to Love and bring the Peace into our own lives instead of holding grudges and Anger, Arguing and being jealous, We then would begin to change the world as a whole..
    It all starts with our Choices.. We are the Ones who create the World by our Thoughts and Actions.. We can also change the world to be one of Peace via our Thoughts and Actions.. The Ripple Effect always starts within.. as we send out.. so too shall we receive..

    Let us sow the right seeds we wish to Reap..

    Love to you Barbara
    Sue ❤

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