One Lovely Blog Award


Many thanks to dgkaye for my most welcome, nomination for this wonderful award.   It touches me deeply that she finds me ‘inspiring’ and I highly recommend that you check her blog — and her books — out!


For this blog, the rules are to nominate and notify 15 bloggers, and to tell the 7 things about yourself.

About me:

  1. I will go to great lengths to entertain myself on gloomy Saturday afternoons (look at yesterday’s blog)
  2. I am new to Twitter, but learning
  3. I am allergic to most animals — cats, dogs, especially birds.  Not fish!
  4. I used to raise tropical fish (see #3).  Then I got bored
  5. I have lived on a lake my entire life — I’ve moved to different cities, but always on a lake
  6. When I was young the family had a hunting camp in the Allegheny mountains and we used to go there in the summer time.  It had a well and an outhouse and we used oil-burning lamps.  I wonder if that’s why I am a city girl?
  7. I would love to spend this winter on a tropical beach. (If you’re going to dream, dream big!)

My nominees are:

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  3. YesEvenThisTooWillPass
  4. WritersDream9
  5. SilentlyHeardOnce
  6. KOH
  7. LucidGypsy
  8. Nadia
  9. RoSy
  10. CarolMaeWy
  11. Quiall
  12. lafemmeroar
  13. The Chatter Blog
  14. SpiritHawk
  15. Higher Density
  16. On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea