poem-warrior weary

You are doing it right! Trying to make the world a better place is hard work. You go girl! Hugs, Barbara

Shawn L. Bird

(I was just called a “Warrior Teacher Knitting Goddess” I think that might be my favourite compliment ever).
I am weary
War is exhausting work
Protect democracy
Fight one battle at a time
under emotional
and financial strain
Ready to go the distance,
and now they announce
a truce, a treaty, an agreement.
The evil despot smiles
and claims a mutual victory
With narrowed eyes
I doubt.
I have seen lies
pour like water from those lips
and I will never trust that truth
is in her words.
The generals say
it is over, if I say it is over.
I am setting down my
metaphorical sword
with looks over my shoulder
ready to pick up the picket
and battle again
if the conditions of surrender
prove unpalatable.
Democracy is worth
personal devastation,
but it is exhausting work
being a warrior.

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One thought on “poem-warrior weary

  1. beeholdn says:

    Make time to refresh…
    Courage to you; blessings.

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