When His Best Isn’t Good Enough


I am a natural-born giver to a fault. Sometimes to my own detriment. I don’t know how to turn it off. Yes, sometimes I need to turn it off. I could slap myself. Why? Because everyone aren’t givers and that is okay, but I feel like I run into a lot of non-givers especially in relationships. Or, I run into those who don’t give at least their best. I am not perfect by far and don’t always give my best, but sometimes I want to be showered with giving. The kind of giving I’m talking about isn’t monetary. It is more like mutual respect, kindness, good deeds. Being a NOW single mother of two brilliant “Indigo” kids – kids that really don’t need me. Kids that were born with life already figured out. Kids that only needed me as a vessel to get here. I find myself needing nurturing that…

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