Streisand and the Next Streisand





I am sending this out to the world. To all my readers and others to enjoy and to use it to fill your hearts with joy, happiness and love. It excites me to see what the next generation is capable of creating. Life is full of so many experiences and being creative is a gift as well as at times, a burden. But what would life be like without artists. Without the musicians, writers, photographers, painters, sculptors, illustrators that fill our lives with hope, joy and peace. Blessings to you all and enjoy this beautiful day. Blessed be.



5 thoughts on “Streisand and the Next Streisand

  1. Streisand has been one of my favourite female vocalists since I first heard her so many years ago. This young girl has a voice it is difficult to believe comes from her body. But, good grief, she can sing. This was a delight to listen to. Thanks for sharing these two wonderful talents.x

  2. Reblogged this on scrapperjudedesigns and commented:
    The beauty of technology and the pairing of two great voices from different generations. Stunning!!! Thank you Barb!!

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