I’m selfish but so are you!!

Very good blog. Hugs, Barbara

Drifting Silent

558ce9daf82d22921acec6cb1330b7b9Do you ever go through life thinking why? Why am i working so hard for so little ? That’s me….. BUT!
I’m so ungrateful for what i have, if i just stopped to think about all the people around the world who have nothing i’d maybe realise i do have everything. Life is a daily grind and we work so hard just to have a steady living but with the luxuries i take for granted and yet don’t see them as luxuries but the norm !
My home is nice and filled with all the latest things yet i moan about having little money to buy a car or money to spend on everyday items. Yes,  I’m selfish but so is many i just admit it….

With the above said i could equally have nothing and be happy, if i didn’t have the commitments i would happily clear of into the…

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I dig sharing Cat Stevens and the E Street Band’s special night

Awesome blog. Hugs, Barbara

Mark Bialczak

Cat Stevens performs at his induction into the Rock Hall of Fame. (From my flat screen tuned to HBO) Cat Stevens performs at his induction into the Rock Hall of Fame. (From my flat screen tuned to HBO)

Something I thought I’d lost forever:

I watched Cat Stevens perform three of his songs that marked my introspective teens on stage with a big and great band to celebrate his induction into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Yeah, I know, the event happened in April, in Brooklyn. But the four hours of acceptance speeches and musical segments — hello, Peter Gabriel, KISS, Hall and Oates, Linda Rondstadt, E Street Band and Nirvana, too — debuted on HBO Saturday night, so I fired up the DVR.

Stevens had dropped out of the popular music world quite famously to become Yusuf Islam, study art and his spiritual self, and all I was left with were the records, memories of that early 1970s burst of poetic and melodic genius and vague stories about…

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Regrets of the Dying

The best advice

My Good Time Stories

Photo Credit: John Trumbull via Qikimedia Photo Credit: John Trumbull via Qikimedia

I have bad news for you…someday you are going to pass away. We all are. It is just a part of life. The million dollar question is…how well are we living the life that we have been given? Are we doing everything that we can do to help others? Make a difference in this world? Are we satisfied with the way that we are living our lives? Is our soul at ease and at peace? Have you achieved all of your life’s goals and have done everything that you wanted to do?

Well, if you have answered “no” to a few of the questions that I previously mentioned, then I have GREAT NEWS…you still have time to do the things that you may want to do (or at least some of them). No one wants to pass from this earth or lay on their…

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