The Grand Canyon of the East


Our Saturday started with a Lacrosse game in Tonawanda, a suburb of Buffalo.  John, Parker’s other grandfather was there and we told him we were off to see Niagara Falls after the game.  He asked if we knew about Letchworth State Park, “The Grand Canyon of the East.”  We didn’t and after our 24 hours  at the falls, we decided to check this place out. stock-photo-letchworth-state-park-sign-49455319 The park is made up of over 14,000 acres of scenic magnificence along the  Genesee River , just 35 miles south of Rochester, New York.  The steep walls of the gorge, the river winding below, the plunge and  spray of dramatic waterfalls, and the lush forest all contribute to make the park one of the most notable examples of waterfall and gorge scenery in the eastern United States. Within the park, the Genesce River roars over three major waterfalls, one of which is 107 feet…

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Croatia: Major Cabinet Reshuffles To Stifle Progress

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Zoran Milanovic These glasses are not rosy-coloured, but it sure feels like it! Photo: Goran Mehkek/Cropix Zoran Milanovic
These glasses are not rosy-coloured,
but it sure feels like it!
Photo: Goran Mehkek/Cropix

The current Social Democrat (SDP) led government started at the end of 2011 with a huge stick of high ambition for serious reforms; they vowed with their so-called “Plan 21” to rid Croatia of the “bad” effects the previous Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) had according to them inflicted upon Croatia’s economy; they vowed that they would turn Croatia’s economy around and reduce significantly unemployment rate.

At beginning of June 2014 (referring to its March 2014 paper) the European Commission had handed down its first analysis of Croatian economy, with recommendations, since Croatia became EU member state in July 2013. The Commission’s analysis shows that Croatia (its government) has been dragging its feet when it comes to achieving critical reforms and hence, suggests a need to continue monitoring Croatia’s performance in areas identified with the…

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Why is Racism still an issue?









I have written about war and peace, I have written about gender equality. I have written about people living in violence. Today, I am writing to the world about yet another human tragedy. I don’t know how bad racism is everywhere in the world, but I feel it is getting worse in America. I am an old lady, but I have a black hoodie that says peace on the front. When I wear it, I wear it with the hood up. I wear it that way for Trayvon Martin.  I wear it because I realize that more people will look at it on the body of  a 5’2″ blonde white woman.  I wear it because my grandfather told me about the Holocaust when I was nine years old. He gave me a book of photographs in black and white of the piles of dead Jews, Poles and Gypsies. He sat me on his knee and told me that we can never forget or it will happen again. I have never forgotten this experience. It has influenced a lot of the work in my life. He died in 1972, and I have told this story in schools, at battered women’s shelters, Holocaust museums and to mean hearted people. I have mentioned it before, here on my blog.


Injustice begins with seeds of hatred, intolerance, and ego. I have worked so many places, with so many different people that I can quite honestly tell you that we are all the same. Our hearts beat in the same rhythm, our eyes show us the same world (for good or bad), we all get hungry and tired. We all need to prevent dehydration by drinking fluids. Except for multiple births, we all look different and sound different. We could all die from a barrage of bullets. Why is it that small differences frighten people so much? My nose is different than yours, should that make me feel better than you? No. My skin color is different from many other Caucasians. It depends on the nationality of your ancestors. The people in my family do not all look alike. The DNA is different for each of us. This is true except for identical twins, like my grandsons.


During a lifetime, events happen that are not fair. They are not just. If you have a bad interaction with someone of different skin color does that mean that all people of that skin color are a threat? No, of course, not. The human species is more than capable of turning a person or a people’s life into hell. Genocide of any race or religion is a hideous crime without any justification.


Morgan Freeman was on a talk show today and Queen Latifah  put a question to him.  She asked him if he believed in intelligent beings in other universes or places in space. He thought a moment and said, “Yes, I do.” She then asked him if those beings would have a god. He again answered yes. I got to thinking about alien life. We are so hateful as a species that I tried to imagine what would happen if people with green skin, or antennae for ears, or even has three arms came to Earth and I think we would kill all of them without a qualm.We would justify it as the only way to keep human beings safe. I think we would never accept them and would destroy them without hesitation. Add in the concept that they might have a god or a goddess. Or better yet, what if our “God” was also their god. I think it would be ever so sad and might even destroy our souls. We can’t even allow other human beings to believe in a god/goddess who they are comfortable with if it is not our god. We want to kill them. It is time to stop sowing the seeds of discrimination, intolerance and hatred. It is time that we got back to the garden. The garden, yes the Garden of Eden. The place where it all began, if you believe that. (Don’t start about Eve. She offered Adam a piece of fruit, he chose of his own free will to eat of it. That is on him. And it always was on him.)







I am dedicating this blog to every human being who died due to hatred and intolerance.