Has Christianity helped mankind to become better human beings? Would Jesus be a Christian?

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I have been seeing quite a few posts shared both on blogs and social media sites that have inspired me to ask what my thoughts and feelings are as far as some of the major issues with religions. I saw the same post three times in the last two days and was recently answering questions on an online dating site that really made me stop and think. Much like a conversation with Plato would have caused the same introspection and observation of thought to come up with my own view and perspective.

Jesus… Wasn’t a Christian
Mohammed …. Wasn’t a Muslim
Buddha … Wasn’t a Buddhist

The question asked on the dating site; “Over all do you think Christianity has helped make mankind become better human beings?”

The question provoked some interesting thoughts and observations and in a way the post about the inspirational beings that the…

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On the hook

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

I can not pretend
anymore, to ignore,
from the heartache
I am sore
your eyes, lovely bait
hooked my heart
line running through straight
I am just a helpless wreck
my error, fatal mistake
no panacea
In the mighty big sea
just crying, dying


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Happy Midsummer!

Friendly Fairy Tales

Foxglove in Sunshine

May your inner light shine on the longest day,
Reflecting back the light of the universe.

I also offer a free midsummer fairy tale set in Ireland, about a young girl and the traditions of her family on Midsummer. Here is a link to Midsummer Stew, a tale of fairy retribution and redemption and of the interconnectedness of us all.

Blessings, Brenda

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Path of Poppies

Laura Macky Photography

California’s state flower is the golden poppy.  I love seeing these growing wild and it’s such a treat when there’s a whole group of them like this.   They are usually only in bloom during springtime and since this photo was taken a few weeks ago, I’m already not seeing many poppies due to the warmer weather.  They are a treat every year!

California Poppies California Poppies

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