Paragon of Fine Art Blogger Award



Thanks to HuntForTruth for nominating me for this lovely award.  Marlyn Suarez-Exconde’s new award celebrates those of us who love art, and I appreciate very much that Eric thinks I am deserving of this.  I am very pleased that my love for art has come through in my blogs, in addition to the passions I have for justice and women’s rights.

I am an artist — I’ve been a photographer for many years, and began painting 5 years ago, now.  I’ve also come to view my blog as another form of art, at the urging of my fellow bloggers, so this award is very special to me.

Rules for the acceptance of this award:

  • Along with the acceptance of the PFAB Award please post anything that would express your love for art, it may be in a form of a painting, a photograph, an illustration, a poem or essay, anything done for the love of art.
  • Choose 6 bloggers who should merit the said award.
  • Notify the deserving bloggers of the award, let them know the rules.
  • Acknowledge the presenter of this award by linking back.
  • Pin the Ajay-inspired badge on your blog.

In keeping with the Rules, I am posting a painting I did of a courtyard in New Orleans:100_1726

French Quarter, New Orleans (copyright Barbara Mattio, 2010)

My nominees:

  1. dubrovniklady
  2. Friendly Fairytales
  3. KA Bryce
  4. Aquamosh’s blog
  5. Gallery of Roses
  6. 4ever21christina

6 thoughts on “Paragon of Fine Art Blogger Award

  1. Brenda says:

    Congrats. I love your painting of the NO courtyard. Especially the wrought iron rail. Lovely. And you nominated me! Aw, thanks!! You are lovely! Hugs, Brenda

  2. CeeLee says:

    Congrats 🙂

  3. […] to Idealistic Rebel for awarding me the Paragon of Fine Art Blogger Award. Barbara has a huge heart and an interest in […]

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