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I wasn’t taking pictures that day (one week ago) but I was driving through Clemson, SC and the light was so beautiful from what I could see from my car, so if you are a photographer you know what it feels like when you are driving and you see those beautiful sunsets that you just want to find the perfect spot to stop your car, get your gear and get that shot (that’s how I feel anyways) so I stopped here got my camera and my tripod that I always keep in my car, set up really quick since I didn’t have much time before the light would be gone, composed my shot and got it…

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The Non-Existence of The Iraqi Conflict

Sweden and the Middle East Views

This article was originally posted on A Brave New World’s website.

Have you been to any of the neighboring countries of Iraq recently? Have you seen the Iraqi widows begging in the streets? Or the teenagers that have lived most of their lives outside their home country, raised without proper education or housing, on the run as long as they can remember? On the 11th anniversary of US invasion of Iraq, the country is again leaning towards the brink of a civil war and the remnants of the mass exodus in the last decade are still present, scattered around the conflict-ridden region. In Jordan and Lebanon, the Iraqi refugees are now intermingling with the Syrians; in Turkey they blend in easily with the masses of trafficked people who are trying to survive on the dangerous streets of Istanbul.

Last week, Baghdad and Mosul were the latest targets in the series…

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SONY DSC                                                                                                                                             Only you can make yourself happy.

crocus, the symbol of spring.

Crocus, the symbol of spring.

Crocus, cemetery, 2 March 2014                                                                                                                           The blessings of color after a long hard winter

Quote from Rumi

Quote from Rumi

The five senses of the soul

The five senses of the soul