Oprah… A poem and a thank you.

Well written and enjoyable. Hugs, Barbara

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She used have a show

My former wife watched faithfully

A show I never watched

Silly as it may seem

A woman that I never met

Only seen on TV

 That has changed my life

So profoundly

It was through her sharing

Of the books she chose to read

The books on her list

One my mother bought for me

It was book called

“The New Earth

Finding your life’s purpose”

By Eckhart Tolle

That changed my life

Forever in a very special way

Since then I have read many

Of the books on her list

Some of them I know that I have missed

Yet the first one I read

Was for my soul a kiss

I wanted to thank her

As her story I read

I observed her deeds in wonder

Grateful for the words she said

Many she has helped

Some even…

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Croatia, The Siege of Dubrovnik

Another Bag, More Travel

“And as long as human beings can sit and watch with hands folded while their fellow-men are tortured and butchered so long will civilisation be a hollow mockery, a wordy phantom suspended like a mirage above a swelling sea of murdered carcasses.”                                                                                                             Henry Miller

There was an excellent breakfast on the sunny terrace with local specialties, fresh bread and home made marmalade and jam and Doris sold us tickets for the water taxi to Dubrovnik, which I think was probably another part of the family business.

We had about an hour to wait between breakfast and the…

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A Dream



I dreamt last night
Of a fire raging
In the depths of my soul

It melted my heart
Purifying the dirt
I was burned in the fires of Love

When time was ripe
The waters poured forth
Birthing life to a sacred growth

Surrendered I received
The I of Unity
Drenched in the waters of Love

I dreamt of a glowing face
Emanating a sacred light
The power of a loving Heart

Enmity dissolved
Serenity remained
The quality of a loving Heart

I awoke this morning
In blissful peace
The world made beautiful

I am Love and Love is me

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