95 year old man refuses to go to Hospital for Urinary Tract infection, so police shoot him, causing his death

95 Year Old WWII Vet Refuses to go to Hospital for Urinary Tract Infection, so Police Shoot and Kill Him

joh wrana 95 Year Old WWII Vet Refuses to go to Hospital for Urinary Tract Infection, so Police Shoot and Kill Him


Everyone needs to know about this injustice. This is evil and must never happen again.

Health Impact News

New details are emerging from an incident in July Health Impact News reported on regarding a 95 year old World War II veteran near Chicago who was attacked by police with a stun gun, and then shot by a bean bag round fired from a shot gun. He died as a result.

The family met with the media this week, and stated that they are still waiting for answers from Park Forest police on Mr. Wrana’s death. They are distraught at the way he was killed, and want someone held accountable.

We have now learned that John Wrana was reportedly suffering from a urinary tract infection, and paramedics arrived to transport him to a hospital. Mr. Wrana refused to go, so the paramedics reportedly called the police, who showed up in riot gear. Staff from the managed care facility reportedly were upset that the police did not allow them access to Mr. Wrana to try and calm him down.

When Mr. Wrana continued to refuse transport to the hospital, they shot him with a stun gun. He still refused, so they reportedly shot him in the stomach with a bean bag round from a shot gun – three times. He was reportedly sitting down at the time, and friends have testified that Mr. Wrana was so wobbly on his feet that he needed a walker, and could be pushed down easily with little force he was so unstable.

Police reportedly stated that Mr. Wrana had a butcher knife, but the knife was never found, and friends stated they never saw a knife. The family’s attorney, Nicholas Grapsas, has stated that even if a knife was present, excessive force was used.

The police have stated that they had not used bean bag rounds fired from a shot gun to subdue anyone for more than 10 years prior to this incident.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office has ruled that Mr. Wrana died of internal bleeding and blunt force trauma, and ruled his death a homicide.


Chicago Tribune

Chicago Suntimes

NBC Chicago

25 thoughts on “95 year old man refuses to go to Hospital for Urinary Tract infection, so police shoot him, causing his death

  1. This is absolutely insane. Veteran or not, the man deserved to be treated with respect. I mean – God Almighty – he’s 95!

  2. Ugh. It’s time for more respect not only for Life, but for the elderly of our Western society. This is heartbreaking.

  3. Dr. Rex says:

    This really hits my guts!!! Where are we headed to? What is happening in our society that violence is the end of it all? What happened to conversation, negotiations and other methods prior to the last option?
    This 95y/o man never had a chance … people this age are fragile and delicate. M’lord ….. WTH is going on?
    Sure hope the family doesn’t just stop here ….. Police? Are you so jaded with the violence in this country – re the young football player shot and killed in one of the Carolinas – is there only shooting as an option??

    I don’t have the answers? Does anyone?
    Reblog: http://hrexach.wordpress.com/

    • I was so horrified. I felt it was important for people to know. Of course he was agitated. Elderly people can even become combative, I used to be a psych nurse. What kind of cop can’t handle one old man? I was a 100# young women running a42 bed lock down unit. This so very wrong.

      • Dr. Rex says:

        The same cop who killed that young man … Jonathan Ferrell … a scared cop, a roockie cop, a gun-ho cop ….. and my step son is a cop.
        They are jaded, sad to say! 😦

  4. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Where is the reason for this? Totally senseless and not necessary!!
    Where are the answers???

  5. I can only ask, “what were they thinking when they saw this aged man? What the hell were they thinking when they brutalized him?”

    This simply goes to far.

  6. This is appalling and it seems just where IS COMMON Sense these days and whey did the Police become so afraid of a 95 yr old as to use these tactics to restrain him….. CRAZY! … I think the police forces around our world who were put in place to support and protect have gone insane with their own violence methods of control…. It makes you wonder what we are coming to, and how far we have yet to sink?

    • Sue I agree so much. I was a psych nurse. 100# soaking wet and ran a 42 bed lock-down unit. I had several times the criminally insane while they waited for a bed at the state hospital. There is no reason to treat anyone like that. He had the right to refuse to go. It is pathetic that a trained police officer was scared when the patient became combative. All hi needed to do was back away and using a softly moderated voice and to listen to what he said. The patient may even have changed his mind. So I had to share because it is so wrong that he is dead.

      • Yes like you Barbara, I work in Support and have worked with challenging behaviours with learning disabilities, And often all that is needed is for us to LISTEN to what is being conveyed either in spoken word or behaviour… It is so tragic that at the end of such a long life of one who served his country valiantly he should be subject to this ending…
        It may well have been his time, but definitely not this way to exit the world…
        It makes me so sad the world we see emerging is so full of violence..
        Blessings sent your way to all you do in enlightening us

      • And many blessings back to you and your beautiful soul. Hugs, Barbara

  7. RoSy says:

    This is beyond horrible. I’ve never heard of such a thing for somone not wanting to go to the hospital AMA (against medical advice).
    I thought anyone could refuse an ambulance ride to the hospital AMA.
    My husband has done this several times when I’ve called 911 for his low blood sugar. They call into the hospital after they do their thing to help bring his sugar back up – give the update to the attending dr who okays the refusal – then they have him sign the form for his refusal.
    So sad.

    • I have a heart condition called POTS. No cure. I have refused to go to hospital because there is nothing to do but be horizontal and drink plenty of fluids. I am beside myself with the feelings of injustice for this man. I am sixty-three and I don’t want that to happen to the elderly.

  8. tersiaburger says:

    I am appalled. This is absolutely insane!! They must be animals!!!!

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