Working With Police: How To Get A Permit For Your Demonstration

Erin Matson

The modern women’s movement, as connected by the Internet, is damn good at identifying the need for physical, in-person demonstrations and getting people to show up for them.

As a general matter, however, there is less confidence in getting permits, working with police and the logistical side of getting boots in the streets. This process is often represented as more mystical or scary than it needs to be. Here’s a suggested process and some tips for making sure your demonstration, protest or visibility event is all up on the legal side of the law. These tips apply to demonstrations where nobody plans to get arrested. The good news is that, when organizers agree on this approach, it’s fairly easy to ensure no one does.

Don’t be rigid in your plans from the outset, saying something like “we are going to take over this corner at 3 p.m.” Leave yourself open…

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