Fleetwood Mac

This is the video from the Fleetwood Mac tour we went to see last night. Rhiananon is my song and has been since the seventies. It is my fall back song during trying times and what makes me lift my voice in joy. Everyone who is at all musical has a song, I think. Music is important to my life. It is the soundtrack for my bio. I love many kinds of music. Classical, blues, jazz, Zydeco, Swing and rock. Classic rock, hard rock and hair bands. But this song touches my heart every time I hear it. Musician friends have often played it for me. Music is part of the beauty that I incorporate into my life’s journey.

My first Beatles concert was when I was 13 and music renews me and keeps me young at heart. My inner child is alive and well according to my grandkids. My inner child still loves the rock concerts and I can scream and sing with the best.

I don’t think we need to completely grow up to be responsible adults. Love is one of the best reasons not to. Too many adults have forgotten how to laugh, love, and accept the events in this life which we cannot control.  This love helps us not to see the differences in people, but to lovingly include them into our friendships, families and worlds. It doesn’t matter what is beautiful to you, just surround yourself with what works for you and share it with all of the people you meet. Love is the glue of the cosmos and available to everyone. Thanks for letting me share my concert with you!

The idealistic teen years

Don’t ever lose your joy in life

Jimi Hendrix quote

Jimi Hendrix quote

6 thoughts on “Fleetwood Mac

  1. Linne says:

    Great post! Brings back so many good memories. My sons’ Dad and stepdad are both artists and I occasionally helped in some of the creative activities.

    When their stepdad and I were still living in Victoria (BC), he created a series of incredible etchings. My sister was in nursing school there at the time and when she came to visit we would help him with the inking and wiping of the copper plates. I remember us playing Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ album over and over. It is etched in my mind forever, along with the studio, the etchings and the visiting. Music is so powerful, isn’t it? I am also very eclectic in my musical loves; I’ve never understood people who only listen to one genre. Even types I thought I’d never, ever, listen to (punk, when it first came out) later became favourites, or at least one or two bands/singers did. The Pogues, for instance. If you’d told me then I’d ever listen to punk, I’d have said you were mad and I wouldn’t take a million dollars to do so (well, I would have, actually, but no-one offered LOL). I still don’t listen to other punk bands, but the original Pogues are among my favourites now. I’ve still to find a rapper that moves me, though . . . lol.

    I agree with you so much, too, about love being inclusive. That has also been a powerful force in my life. ~ Linne

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

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  3. petchary says:

    I can completely relate to this! I have never really let go of that inner child. Still love my rock music, it’s in my DNA and brings me joy…and I enjoy quite a bit of the new music, too. I have never been keen on the idea of “growing up.” I am the same person inside. It works for me, and has made my relationships richer with both young and older people. If music be the food of love, etc…

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