Father’s Day in Jamaica: June 16, 2013

Wonderful thoughts from Jamaica

Petchary's Blog

The heat in Kingston this week has been a dictator, beating us all into submission. I have spent the week cowering at home (two inches away from the fan) or hiding in air-conditioned cafés.

And it’s only June. As one Twitter friend just observed: “This rain need fi fall an dun.”  (translation for non-Jamaicans: “This rain needs to fall and get it over with.”)

Shock and horror: Friday night frolics for many Jamaicans were somewhat overshadowed by the disturbing news that one of our athletic heroines, Veronica Campbell Brown, tested positive for a banned substance, a diuretic called Lasix (furosemide). Ms. Campbell Brown has won gold medals and broken all kinds of records, and Jamaica has been justifiably enormously proud of her over the past few years. Now, many are in denial, believing that it must be an error, a “set-up” even. Others are pointing at the big…

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