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Earlier today I went to see the film The Invisible War which is a groundbreaking investigative documentary about one of our country’s most shameful and best kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within our US military. The Invisible War won the 2012 Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Itis a difficult film to watch, but a very important one. It is the sort of documentary made not only to portray the world, but to change the world. In this case, change can’t come soon enough.

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  1. I worked on a marine base and they take educating all from employees civilian and soldiers about harrassment and rape very seriously but I guess if they don’t get the judges on board or the higher ups it almost seems it is them that need deep training or replaced. However did have several conversations with PMO’s they have to deal with a ton of issues. Keep up the posts!

  2. An incredible story in this day and age… and oh how it saddens me to think that a Judge could condone the actions of rape as being part and parcel of the hazards of being in the Military Service, Shame on him….

    Thank you for this reblog.. I found it very interesting…

    Wishing you a Happy New Year and sending your my best Wishes for 2013 ~Sue

  3. Jas Baku says:

    It’s the sad state of our world isn’t it. We just have to keep posting to raise people’s awareness, sending positive vibes across the planet, and praying for change.

  4. This has been a long time problem. When those in a position to fix the problem say, “women don’t belong in certain military roles they undermine …….” That is the real problem, command and civilian alike continue to believe if women want to serve they are inviting the attention and the outcome.

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