In Memorial for Those Who Died

It is the fifteenth anniversary of the largest attack on America since Pearl Harbor. My sister was in the hospital having surgery and I was in the waiting room. I asked the nurse to turn the TV on. It was maybe 30 seconds before the first plane hit.  That is all about me. From the depths of my heart I honor those killed at the 3 crash sites. Their bravery is legendary.


To all of the survivors, and including the first responders, I am sorry for your losses. Only the bravest of people were left here to continue the journey of life. I pray that each day brings you a little more peace and contentment and that the grief you hold lightens and pride replaces it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the first responders. May blessings be heaped upon the heads of everyone of you.  To the victims  WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU.



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