Acid Attacks on Women

For women living in many countries in our world, they are being punished for not going on a date, refusing to marry someone they don’t love. The men feel as if their “family” honor is at stake and that this gives them the right to throw acid or a corrosive at a woman. They usually aim for her face so no one will want her.


Middle Eastern countries, India, and now South America are where more of these attacks happen. The men have no respect for women and since women are property, there is often no punishment. These men are destroying the lives of women. If a woman’s family is not rich, she will not receive plastic surgery. So they retreat into their family homes and they don’t go out at all.


We have to help these women with surgeries and by punishing the perps. It will need to cost these men a great deal before they will stop. They must learn to respect women and treat them as equals.




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