Eastern Poetry and Thought

The poet who cannot express his poetry in his life is not complete. He/she has not reached that stage where his poetry can be called a ripened poetry. It is not what we say, it is what we are. We each express our heart, soul and condition in all we do. But the tendency of receiving all the beauty we can receive, and giving it to others—that is the poetic tendency, and this grows into the Prophetic tendency.


The dancing soul cannot express itself except in rhythm and in poetry. It cannot refrain from expressing itself in a music which appeals to other souls.


The Word of an Opening Rose


“Last night’s storm was a journey to the Beloved.

I surrender to that, the wind that

is my friend, and my work.


Each night, the lightening flashes.

Every morning, a breeze.


Not in some protected place, but in the flood

of the heart’s pumping in the wind

of a rosebud’s opening out,

that puts a small crown on each narcissus.


A tired hand collapse, exhausted,

that in the morning holds your hair again.


Peace comes when we are friends together,

remembering. Hafiz! Your honest desire

and your benevolence free the soul

to emerge as what it is.”  —-The poet Hafiz


It is said that the poetry of Hafiz and Rumi is living energy. I can understand their words in this manner.


I’ve become a rabid fan of Divine Order for one good reason. For all my supposed intelligence, I would routinely feel overwhelmed and frozen by life’s never-ending problems and decisions. Now I invoke the Divine Order to connect with the cosmos.


“Let every aspect of this journey unfolded in harmony.

Let Divine Order arrange and show me every detail.

Let me be gently guided to my path and I will follow

where I am shown where to go.”


Some days, we all need some humor. I have over a foot of snow here. So you get humor!!!


“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”   —Rumi



The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama


The Dove of Peace.

The Dove of Peace.