2 thoughts on “Family Of Eric Garner To Sue City, NYPD For $75M

  1. The police make war on civilians it seems time to fight back, The City of Miami police street executed 7 black young men in different incidents in the span of several months under the most questionable circumstances. The incidents are still being “investigated” (allegedly). Its been 3 years. I’ve had a choke hold put on me with a billy club and they almost crushed my larynx then bounced me off the wall. I was under arrest for some stupid thing I did but they decided I was “too mouthy” . I am from Staten Island(1949).

    • Well it is nice to meet you. I am certainly glad you were not killed. There is a darkness over the world these days and it is causing a lack of kindness, compassion and love for our fellow human beings. Peace must reign and so we have to change ourselves and our communities to have peace. Hugs, Barbara

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