‘This is about psychopathic terrorists trying to kill us’ Prime minister says military action against Isis could last for ‘years’


David Cameron, Iraq David Cameron delivered a speech on joining Iraq air strikes to The House of Commons in London (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

David Cameron told parliament military action against Isis would need to last for years as he argued his case for intervention.

The prime minister was expected to win a parliamentary vote on whether the country could join the United States and other allies in bombing Isis targets in Iraq.

‘Is there a threat to the British people? The answer is yes,’ Cameron told parliament, saying he thought action would need to last ‘years’ to be effective.

When challenged he added: ‘This is about psychopathic terrorists who are trying to kill us. Like it or not they have already declared war on us. There isn’t a walk on by option.’

David Haines A frame grab from a video that shows an IS militant executing British national David Haines (Picture: EPA)

The action was supported by…

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