The J.U.D.G.E…

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings


“Wild Paint”

New Mixed Media Art Painting

Sharon Cummings


I am not horsing around today.  Instead I am posting a tribute to a beautiful animal who brought my late Father a lot of love and joy.  His name is “Judge” and he spends his days now roaming new pastures with another human caring for him. Unfortunately, when my Dad passed away a few years ago, my Mother was unable to keep up the farm including their 5 horses.  But I am comforted by memories today…










Colorful Horse Art Prints

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Hey Musicians! Want to be featured as an Autumn Eargasm?

Audio SeXXX

Starting October 15th I’m going to post  an eargasm a day of an up and coming artist for 30 days straight. If you are or know a musician that would like to be featured, leave a link of your/his/her/their music on my facebook (I check this first and more often) or  in the comments here on word press. There are no genre or style restrictions, the only requirement is it makes the ear cum with delight! he he 😉


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Half-Dozen Cases Before The Supreme Court That You Should Be Watching


6 Key Supreme Court Cases This Term

” If you use Facebook, pay taxes, enjoy fishing or drive a car, the 2014-2015 term of the Supreme Court, which begins Oct. 6, will be worth watching.

  Many of the cases from the last term touched on issues such as executive power, religious liberty, free speech and racial preferences.

Here are highlights of the upcoming term:

  To hear about all these cases and how the term may unfold, join us at Heritage for our annual Supreme Court Preview on Thursday at noon (or watch online). Legal luminaries Paul Clement and Michael Carvin will discuss the big cases of the upcoming term.”

Daily Signal

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Nanny State ALERT: Seattle to Fine Residents Who Waste Food

Paper to Use

The city of Seattle has approved an ordinance under the Seattle Public utilities (SPU) rules that states residents caught wasting food could be fined.

The SPU currently encourages residents in single-family homes to place food and compostable paper in compost bins – not the general garbage.

Apartment complexes are admonished to provide compost bins to residents, but there are no requirements.

This new ordinance is expected to assist Seattle reach its goal of having 60% all of its garbage recycled by 2015.

However, new rules allow garbage collectors to “take a cursory look” into the waste of residents and “if they see compostable items that make up an estimated 10% or more of the trash, they’ll enter the violation into a computer system their trucks already carry, and will leave a ticket on the garbage bin that says to expect a $1 fine on the next garbage bill.”

Dumpsters will…

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Database of Press Releases related to Africa - APO-Source




NEW YORK, September 24, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ — With demand for food set to increase 60 per cent by 2050, world leaders, major corporations and civil society at the United Nations Climate Summit today pledged commitments to transform agricultural practices by increasing productivity while reducing carbon emissions.


“I am glad to see action that will increase agricultural productivity, build resilience for farmers and reduce carbon emissions,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as he opened the meeting. “These efforts will improve food and nutrition security for billions of people.”


Nine billion people are expected to be living on the planet in 25 years and food production will need to spike in order to feed them.


Today, at the biggest climate conference in history, more than 20 Governments, and 30…

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Motion of living

Wonderful poem.

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Moving forward
This world a wave pushing me
In and out
Riptide tugging here then there
I float to escape into the horizon
To chart the course
Originally followed.
The sun shines like razors
Flashing into eyes
Blinding illumination
Reflected off of life
And into the soul
With clarity.
I reach out for land
Hands and knees pulling myself towards higher ground
Need to see the whole of it all
Not just one grain of sand
Under my nail.
The perfect shell tumbles along
Caught in the froth of a wave,
Gifts from the sea rolling
Come, see about me it calls
As legs move it along just out of reach.
I follow along the tiny prints digging into earth
Leaving zigzag marks as it skitters along,
It leads me to the grass
And I climb the dune to battered fences
And there before me a hundred perfect shells,

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