New York Store Owner Charged with Funding ISIS, plotting to kill US troops

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screenshot rochester new york Mufid Elfgeeh store owner arrested and charged with recruiting for isis - google earth 001

The FBI has arrested and charged Mufid Elfgeeh, an upstate New York store owner from Yemen with funding jihadists, the Islamic State, attempting to recruit and dispatch jihadists to Syria to fight with ISIS and plotting to kill American troops who had served in Iraq.

Christian Post

A CNN report said Mufid Elfgeeh was arrested on May 31 but the case against him wasn’t made clear until Tuesday. Citing an indictment, CNN noted that Elfgeeh is facing three counts of trying ‘to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization (namely, ISIS)’. He is also charged with one count of attempting to kill officers and employees of the United States, two counts of having an unregistered firearm silencer and one count of possessing guns or silencers ‘in furtherance of a crime of violence….’

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As referenced in an article by the Democrat & Chronicle, the thirty-year-old lone wolf…

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