At the end of the day …. “We need to remove our borders”!!

It Is What It Is


~~September 2, 2014~~

There is so much division. There is so much conflict.

Our world, the only place we have to live in as one human race, is divided by so many borders. Borders which, at a distance, can’t be seen. Differences which are man-made. We come from the same Source. The similarities are divine, the differences are created and assigned by humans. 





He is a British spoken word artist/poet, public figure/speaker, film maker, director, editor, producer, camera man, actor, performer, free runner, gymnast, calisthenics, athlete.

“I’m a 21 year old aspiring Public Figure/Speaker/Activist that’s trying to expand the human consciousness.”




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3 thoughts on “At the end of the day …. “We need to remove our borders”!!

  1. Dr. Rex says:

    Thanks so much for this reblog, dearest friend!! When would be a good time to talk? …. Let me know! Hugs …. ❤

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