Women’s Rights in the Home

Don't let DV into your house

Don’t let DV into your house


Domestic Violence and the War on Women is continuing. There are some Federal laws which protect women and some are state laws. Evidence, sentencing, police involvement can differ from state to state. In Pennsylvania, for instance there are firm laws to protect the victim. However, in Norristown, Pa. victims are penalized for calling the police for help.

Yes, I said for asking for protection, they are breaking the law.


The cycle of violence

The cycle of violence


6% of victims are men

6% of victims are men












There are three strikes in Norristown, Pa.  If you are abused and call for help three times. No matter how serious your abuse is. The police will send your landlord or mortgage holder a letter asking them to throw you out due to the Three Strikes Rule. Nope, you didn’t misunderstand. I call it, let’s jump on the victim whether female or male. Let us increase the suffering. The city ordinance specifically includes “domestic disturbances” as behavior that gets victims thrown out of their homes.


A woman recently feared losing her home so much that even when her abuser attacked her with a brick, she was too afraid to make a call to the police. He later stabbed her neck and she was still to frightened of being homeless to call. He would get the house. After a housing court refused to order an eviction, the ACLU stepped in to protect the victim. The city backed off. The city of Norristown does encourage the battering of its citizens with this type of laws.


Norristown is not the only city in the country have passed “nuisance ordinances” or crime.  Milwaukee’s Domestic Nuisance Ordance showed violence was the third most common reason that police citation. This is far above drug crimes, property damage, or trespassing.  Women of color in our country suffer the most from these bizzare citations.


My suggestion is to go to your local police department and ask what the laws are where you live. If there are these type of laws, get involved. Women working together can accomplish anything they put their minds to. So remember: YOU CAN’T BEAT A WOMAN.

Stop Domestic Violence

Stop Domestic Violence

Purple is the color that represents Domestic Violence

Purple is the color that represents Domestic Violence

4 thoughts on “Women’s Rights in the Home

  1. Good grief! That defies logic. How awful.

  2. Some very powerful photos. No one should have to suffer domestic violence. Thank you for helping to raise awareness.

  3. A woman is battered every nine seconds in America. It is a chilling statistic. Hugs, Barbara

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