Trauma and Violence

Often in life, people suffer trauma and violence. Which is why so many people work to prevent it and to try and assist with the healing. In all honesty, it is hard to find a person who has not survived either trauma or violence.  Violence is the worst and so many live with violence. It is hard to live as a good citizen and give back when you know that you may be beaten when you get home. The emotional and mental stress and pain from violence and trauma effects the subconsciousness.


Even when people go to therapy, take medications they only heal to a certain point. They can hold down a job and perhaps have a relationship but science is showing us that while the conscious heals, the subsconscious may not heal. Often when someone lives with violence, and then experiences more violence, it brings everything back. Trauma works the same way. With each trauma, more damage is done to the human psyche.


Neurologists are studying the effects of violence and trauma on the human mind. The mind will go to great lengths to protect itself. The more trauma and violence, the more problems human beings many have with their health and stress. So Vets come home with PTSD, refugees are uncomfortable leaving the house. A battered woman may sit with her facing the door so she has time to run. Is any of this fake? No we were not designed to survive all we have to survive in our present world.


Bullying is a trauma that should never happen. When you hear of someone committing suicide, often they have been bullied and just can’t live like that.  Rape can leave a victim shattered in their minds and emotions. Kidnapping and human trafficking make never leave the person until they leave this life. Hearts can be broken and never given a chance to heal.


Now, we add in genocide, Jews being required to register in the Ukraine and in France Jews are waking up to neon yellow Stars of David painted on their homes. Every time, a minority person faces racism, it damages them.


Doctors are using traditional and alternative ways to treat survivors. All around the country, there are studies quietly taking place and research is being done to help survivors get something of their lives back. So we must not look the other way when someone is traumatized. We must care and try to help. Victims often feel unworthy of help. The circumstances can rob them of joy, confidence, passion and the ability to really enjoy life. We are here to experience life.


The people who suffer the most are ones that are molested for years, battered for years and sometimes by more then one person. Vets come home and what they have seen, done and survived is the stuff of nightmares. A person living as a slave will never again be the kind of person they were meant to be.


So understanding and kindness coupled with gentleness is what people who have survived trauma and violence. This is one of the reasons that we must move beyond traumatizing people and making people live in violence. If you know someone who has been traumatized, be gentle with them. They are damaged in ways you won’t see. You will perhaps be the one who gives them the reason to keep trying, to stay here, to understand that they deserve it when good things happen them. You can make a difference. It is up to us to reach out to those who are damaged and to give them the friendship and caring they deserve.

We are beginning to have severe thunder and lightening which is why I did not blog yesterday. So before something happens, I send my blog out to all of you and hope you have a good evening.

Wise advice.

Wise advice.

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