When The Call Comes In

A friend lost $20,000 to scammers. Please read this everyone.

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I was sitting in my car this morning.  Parked in the parking lot at work.  I usually get to work early and read a little before work.  My phone rang.  The caller id said “Unknown Number”.  I rarely answer those.  Not sure why I did today.  Here is a transcript of the call.  And by transcript I mean it’s what happened to best of my recall.  I will be the bold comments.


“Hey….(unintelligible sounds) …you doing?”

“Excuse me?  What did you say?”

“What are you doing?”

“Who is this?”

“You’re …….phew”  (obvious intention to be difficult to hear).


“You’re nephew”.

“Which one?”

“Your favorite one.”

“And which one is that?”

“Aw come on, your favorite.”

I hung up.  He tried to call back, twice.

Why.  WHY didn’t I think to play his game?

Why didn’t I lead him in to believing I was going to give him…

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