Standing Aimlessly



breezer uptown 8 loaded -d nelson

Aimlessness is stopping and realizing the happiness that is already available ~Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying stopping, right here, right now, in part to rest my legs. They are two special conditions of happiness in my life that get me here & there, up & down, and at this moment standing firmly on earth. After an hour of Nordic walking with ski poles around town they are feeling, shall I say, pushed and tired. Yes, I’ll say that. Using the poles gave them an extra push with each step, thus going faster than they would walking without poles. Offered some gentle stretch to release tightness and lactic acid, their response is, “ahhhh, now please just sit down and write about us. Show us the love!”

What would my life be without two healthy, strong, functioning legs? I imagine much more difficult, despite handicap access on sidewalks, busses and buildings. I have compassion for…

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