The Blessing of Chanting

Buddha found the benefit of chanting

Buddha found the benefit of chanting

Chanting is an esoteric musical energy. It had been used by monks, shamans, and singers in remote places on the earth and in music schools.

Chanting is the music of the cosmic spheres. It is the music of our conscious mind. It is a tool used everywhere to heal bodies, to quiet their minds, and to bring the sacred into the inner landscape.

Chant unites us and bring people together in thought, intention, knowledge, and love.

Chant is repetitive song but so much more. It is a way to integrate breath, heartbeat, emotion and purpose. Chant reaches across spiritual paths, lowers heartbeat and vibrates throughout our bodies. It balances brainwaves and bring the spiritual together.

There is spirit in sound, in music and in chanting. Great music resonates throughout our world and if we allow ourselves to become part of us, we benefit when we allow it to enchant our lives. It can reduce stress and connect us to the Divine. It also helps to bring peace to the world.

The ecstasy of chanting

The ecstasy of chanting

Chanting for peace, and health

Chanting for peace, and health

One thought on “The Blessing of Chanting

  1. floczok says:

    I love the peace I receive through meditation. As soon as this started I could feel it in the core of my being. I wish I could sit through an hour of this every day! Alas, life gets in the way…..

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