Rape Culture

Normally I would never post this video but our society is condoning rape. I pulled this off of YouTube and it sickened me. As I have said so many times, rape has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with power and control. The young men in this video are the basest of human beings. This is important to me because it speaks to The War Against Women and it happened here in Ohio, the state where I now live.

The boys came from middle class families and had good prospects for their futures. Because of the choice they made, they aren’t even descent enough human beings to pick up garbage. This is not an isolated crime, it happens all the time in all countries around the world. A woman is not a piece of property to be used and discarded. It is clear in the video that no one taught this concept to these boys. Why? Perhaps the parents feel women are to be owned. Perhaps there  is violence in their homes.

In this particular rape case are fragments of the thinking behind all of the rape cases here and around the world that it is just sex and not a crime. A woman isn’t raped because she is a whore. She is raped because, even in 2013, women are considered property. The fact that the town tried to protect the boys who committed this horrible crime is enough to make me throw up. There isn’t privilege  for the high school jocks, or professional sports figures. They don’t get to rape a woman without paying a heavy price. If a guy rapes a woman, his future needs to be and will be gone.

Women who are raped don’t just get up and go on with life. They feel degraded and dirty. Some shower over and over because they no longer feel clean. This is something I can understand. Women who are raped are victims and don’t need to be revictimized by the media, friends, the judicial system, or their own families. They need support and counseling.

It is vital that their names are not put into the media. This case violated this concept that we worked on in the 70’s and 80’s. Previous sexual experience is also not allowed into court testimony. If a woman has had consensual sex and later is raped, the previous experience does not mean she can be raped without consequence. We keep going in circles about women’s issues.  In 2013, we are once again in a war against women.

Now, The National Organization for Women.stopping abuse and rape.

Now, The National Organization for Women.
stopping abuse and rape.

There is only one reason for rape and it is a crime.

There is only one reason for rape and it is a crime.

40 thoughts on “Rape Culture

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I have not see this video and don’t plan to see it now. It is vitally important all you dumbasses who condone & feel sorry for the 2 animals who committed a rape crime, to view this video. Then tell me again how sad you feel for these 2 weak ass pieces of turtle feces.

    Maybe if these 2 punks had been violating YOUR daughter sister mother niece or aunt…..you’d still be dumb enough to feel sorrow they got 1 & 2 years sentences respectively.

    • I understand. I happened upon it. I wasn’t going to watch it, but the voice in my heart made me watch it. Then it said to blog about this horrible crime

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        It must be shared and passed around. I knew this video existed but never saw it or posted about it in fear these rapist wanted the publicity. Now that they have been punished (if you can call 1 and 2 years any type of punishment) it’s time to show what these 2 sexual predators did.

        Great post as usual Ms. Barbara.

        ❀ Namaste ❀

      • It is not of the actual rape. It is the boys talking, laughing and bragging. That just made everything worse. So much worse.

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        Oh I know it’s not of the actual crime, I just could not stand to see them laughing & bragging….makes me very angry and think about things I have no right thinking about. The lowest form of animal is what they are.

      • That is because you are a good man.

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        Don’t let that “good man” stuff get around. I have a reputation to protect!!! I hope you’re having a good Friday. 😉

      • I am having a good day and I forgot about your rep!!! LOL

  2. Emma Lewis says:

    I am not sure why I “liked” this. It is deeply disturbing. I watched a bit of it but it made my blood run cold. Yes, we are in a war against women, and we must FIGHT BACK!

  3. RoSy says:

    Sadly – pathetic excuses for human beings. I regard scum higher than this.

  4. I don’t know what the answer is, truly. If we somehow, as a society, were able to remove these – I don’t know what to call them even – from the confines, the attachment, of society period! We have to find a way to remove from our midst those who think another human being is unworthy of anything. This wasn’t a mistake, this was a horrific crime against another human being.

    • So true. We need to change the way we raise kids. They shouldn’t feel entitled. No one should feel entitled to any thing. We are all children of God.

    • Yes it was Joss. I watched most of the video but I couldn’t watch it all because I was sick to my stomach. That is when I decided I must blog on this because if we look the other way and pretend it is ok, it will happen again and again. Blessings, Barbara

  5. the problem is as you point out that these two boys do not exist in a vacuum, as we can clearly see as it plays out in the media both national and social. We as a society think that this is ok. We think women are property and that they get what is coming to them. We like to pretend these things happen in other less civilized countries, and look the other way when it happens. Like the man who just killed two police officers in our town. He had a string of sexual assaults under his belt and yet he was just sent right along his marry way to keep assaulting. IF we had treated sexual assault like a crime, IF we valued women. We might not have two families in our town torn apart right now.

    • You are so right. We must raise our children to respect gender, to respect and be willing to work hard for what they get. We must make sure everyone understands that no means no.We need to change what we value and therefore what our children and grandchildren value.

  6. Papizilla says:

    Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla and commented:
    Jesus ‘effing Christ. I watched this video. Actually I made it to the 4:10 mark before having to turn it off. I have words a plenty right now, but not a single one is proper for this forum. 1 year juvie sentence is not enough. Not enough by a long shot. I better stop before i really go off.

    • Thank you for the reblog. I was sickened about this and yet I knew it is a problem in our society that must have a light shone on it and people need to realize the truth about rape. You are a good man and I appreciate your support.

  7. I didn’t watch the video, but the fact that the victim is being threatened for coming forward speaks volumes about our society. We can say that our country has come a long way, but cases like this prove that something is still very wrong with how many people think.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree that when boys/men can commit a rape and afterwards joke about her being like a dead person,being deader than Nicole Simpson etc. and for the town to try to protect them because they had good futures, there is less separating us from animals. That is why I shared this video. It is not what I usually do but we must face this head on. We must teach children that they are equal and raise them without gender bias. If women are not property and are equal and respected, then we are doing our jobs as villages raising children.

  8. beverley says:

    the one thing they keep saying is that she is dead and its very true, she may be alive in her body but her mind and her soul is just gone somewhere else.

  9. Jueseppi B. says:


  10. This is sickening but all too prevalent. Throughout the ages there have been men, and women, who think they are somehow beyond the acceptable societal norms and who do not have the goodness and decency to see it. I hope my daughters never get passed out drunk around anyone like this little creep. However, I would like to mention the guy in the background of this video who seems concerned about the girl and sure it was rape and doesn’t seem afraid to speak out about it. Too bad he couldn’t have taken it a little further and shut the creep up.

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