Who Heals the Creative Person

I am a child of the Universe

I am a child of the Universe

” Nature is the common, universal language, understood by all, meanings, moods, the whole scale of our inner experience, finds in nature the’ correspondences’ through which we many know our boundless selves.” —Kathleen Raine

Many people believe that as sentient beings, we are affected by the weather. The Weather Channel can affect my moods with their forecasts.I hate to admit that, but it is true. I think it is true for many and especially for the creative souls who respond emotionally to temperatures, sunlight, moonlight, wind, thunder and lightening. We are all creative in varying degrees and I know that Mother Nature can heal us if we allow it.

Here is a question for you, my readers. Does the sun heal our hearts and souls or do we make the sun smile because we are happy? There is a definite connection between mysticism and Mother Earth.

There is an old story about a woman whose heart had been bruised and maybe even broken. A friend took her on a trip. She shed the few tears she could. She was lost in pain. Halfway through the trip with her friend, a lovely blue sky began turning into a dark, grey, ominous one. Rumbles of thunder began to be heard by the two friends.

Then the bright light of lightning began to flash through the sky to accompany the thunder. Next, the Heavens open up and the rain was so very thick and when added to the dark sky, they found themselves in total pitch black darkness. Both friends were terrified and especially because they were out in the car.

The friend watched another bolt of lightning and a thought came to her as she tried to keep the car on the road despite the high winds. She declared, ” It is as if Mother Nature is angry about the way you have been hurt. And the angels are weeping for and with you. ”

The woman looked at her friend and realized that she was loved. She was loved by the Universe that made up her world and the friend who let her cry. The empathy she experienced through nature slowed her tears and gently brougnt them to a stop. As the skies cleared and the sun came out again, she realized that she had been the kind of love she needed at that moment.

The experience shows us that healing can come from many places through many experiences including nature.

Georgia O;Keefe painting.

Georgia O;Keefe painting.

Sunset on Lake Erie

The angels throw gold on the water to make us happy and content. Photography copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013



4 thoughts on “Who Heals the Creative Person

  1. pujakins says:

    Beautiful story, lovely images. Thank you. Love and Blessings, Tasha

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Hi I have nominated you for the The Dragon’s Loyalty Award, which you highly deserve! details to be found here :http://willowdot21.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/the-dragons-loyalty-award/ love for now willow. xxxxx

  3. What a beautiful story of our oneness with all. The world around of us,which we refer to as “nature” is every present to heal us, to make us smile, to envelop us in arms of love and remembering.

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