Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago Hosts “SEEDS”

Good luck with your exhibition. Hugs, Barbara

Repeating Islands


The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago will host its annual November Members’ Exhibition, titled “Seeds for a Sustainable Future” at its Federation Park headquarters during the month of November. The opening night reception takes place on Friday, November 4, at 7:00pm. The show will run until Friday, November 18, 2016.

When the Art Society was formed in the 1960’s, many local artists were commissioned to help plant the seeds of nationhood. Trinidad and Tobago was a young independent nation and the Art Society worked hand in hand with the government and with other game changers to foster national pride. Their artwork captured the best of T&T’s beautiful land; its traditions, religions, habits, and celebrated its potential as a new nation.

Seven decades later, the tools artists use to capture the world around them, have changed. With smart phones, digital cameras, video and social media accessible to many, as opposed to a…

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