American Land Grab


The Negroes are not the only people  America has not treated as equals. The Native Americans were murdered by the thousands, their land was stolen, they were herded onto reservations and killed the Buffalo, a species key to the survival of many tribes and nations.


Now our government is trying to quietly pass a bill through congress too take more land away from the Utes in Utah. So we are now stealing more land from the Native Americans.  Again.


The Native Americans are protesting the building  of the Dakota pipeline through their sacred land. They care about what we are doing to Mother Earth. The state has been given permission to shoot protesters who do not leave.


What kind of world are we living in? President Obama you must stop the shooting of protesters. Peaceable protest is a First Amendment right. What is needed here at a minimum is to sit down together and negotiate and use diplomacy. These are America’s first people. They deserve to be treated with respect and honor.






Native Americans protesting Dakota pipeline

Native Americans protesting Dakota pipeline