As I have declared before, we are all children of the Universe. We are interconnected. I am in the butterfly and the butterfly is in me. We are not only connected to each other but to every living thing. This meditation was written a long time ago and it helps us to recognize on the inner landscape, out true relationship with all that is living. I hope you will try it and see if it makes a difference.


“I am in everything and everything is in me.” —-Khabira


The beauty of spring in Western North Carolina

The beauty of spring in Western North Carolina. Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio, 2016


I started as a mineral

Then I became a vegetable,

then an animal,

then a human,

and I will continue in the heavenly spheres



Vibration, molecules, crystal,

I am the bounty of my heavenly condition manifested.

My heavenly counterpart seeks to be.

I was born out of the encounter between heaven and earth.

My consciousness was vibrating like a harp.


My thoughts are the thoughts of the universe

I sought to awaken beyond my human condition —

And as I awoke I discovered the universe within me —

Free from myself.


I begin to look into the calls of the crystal

Visualize the life force within the crystal;

the molecules, electrons whirling, sparkling —

being the expression manifesting the language of the universe

frozen in a crystal


Throbbing at the subatomic level

Imagine the rigor involved

Some electrons escape by following light

Then they fell back for lack of energy

They Danced.

They Sparkled.


Now get into the consciousness of a flower

A bud, opening up —

one petal at a time

Then the petals begin to fall off

and it dies

But, oh, the moment of glory —

the seed remains;

the perfume extracted —

and then the air

The only way it can express is by form, color, fragrance

for but a moment of glory


What leap forward for the state of the animal —

Respiratory system, circulatory system, et cetera —

taken eons of time.

Now the need to manifest not only in form but more —

The support system is more elaborate.

Each animal manifesting its divine qualities.

Now emerging as a human being.

Not only aware of stars but —

visualizing them as radiant luminaries with life systems,

more advanced than ours —

light years away.

Reaching into thinking of the universe

Not only receiving the light of the stars but —

perceiving their thinking.


We are awakening to all levels of the universe

Discovering the qualities

Begin to feel it in the animal


Compassion, love, et cetera.

More qualities. More of the universe.

And as more comes through

you become more cosmic


What is more, we are able to feel

that emotion of the universe that became

the crystal

the plant

the animal


Can you feel it?


If you can grasp the countenance of your being —

it is an effort to express that splendor.


Now hoist yourself to the levels of your being —

exploring the metaphors of your being;

New thoughts emerge —

prompted by emotion

(Not random thoughts

but thoughts provoked by

the intensity of the emotion)


Be kind to your soul.

The emotion of your soul

is prompted by



You are born out of that Divine Nostalgia

Accept your Divine Being.

You have seen how far you have come

to be a human.

It is now time to awaken

to one’s own Divinity —

by being aware of

the Divine Nostalgia

that spurs us to

our Divine Power


Instead of thinking of yourself

as a person —

think of yourself

as the fulfillment of

the Divine Purpose;

Like one of the sketches of Leonardo di Vinci

that leads up to the final picture.


In us is God’s fulfillment —

How great is my glory —

This does not mean

the individual

but is more cosmic.


For, when you discover

Yourself in the Universe

You discover the Universe in You



A water Lily Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2016

A water Lily
Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2016

2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. mel irvine says:

    thank you for sharing this barbara. all my love. mel xx

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