Religion: The View from the Coming Generation

I found this video on, and found it fascinating to see what was, to me, a different view of religion being expressed by children.

These children are Indian and Pakistani, but I wonder how different the views of American, British or European children would really be.

I’m sharing this post with you because we need to listen to the children, because, right now, they are pure and uncorrupted; and because we need to realize how the division between us brings about hatred and, often, wars.


I really would love to hear your comments on this one.  I think the opinions of these children is worth a good, honest discussion between us, the people who care about peace in the world.









29 thoughts on “Religion: The View from the Coming Generation

  1. The modern world and the communications it provides may have been driven by profit but, as a result, it is much harder to hide the truth from children and harder to indoctrinate. Those who try to use it to indoctrinate will eventually suffer the backlash of truth revealed.

    Our evolution is very slow compared with the span of our lives but, because true humanity keeps on being born, it is indomitable as history shows. Nevertheless, we cannot leave it others or allow new generations to suffer old frustrations. We all play a part, both by actions and the absence of them.

    Roll on. 🙂

    • I am so grateful you stopped by and left your comment. I always worry about the next generations and so this video strikes a cord within me. I sure wish evolution would speed up because right now we are a mess.
      Thank you and hugs, Barbara

      • One Happy thought. Not quite so much a mess as we used to be. I’m sure it could manage by itself. But then a little help is worth the effort. Another Happy thought. posted this with the title “The True Nature of Humanity” . Have a huggy day 🙂

  2. This is a lovely video. It would be interesting if these children would be followed into adulthood, and then interviewed again. Unfortunately, I don’t think their responses would be the same to the same questions. I must say, though, these young people are very intuitive and very intelligent.

  3. Rajagopal says:

    I have straightaway reblogged this post, Barbara, anticipating your approval, since I want it to reach as wide a readership as possible. The video clip reveals the new gen mindset, and I do not think the responses would be any different with children groups of other nationalities. That said, there is some validity in the concern whether these views would hold good with same children, after they reach adulthood, fully exposed to murky thought ways of the world. Here again there is hope, if I take the example of my own sons; I am a Hindu by birth and my children grew up in a Hindu environment. Like me, they grew up schooling in institutions run by Christian missionaries and later entered university mingling with students from various religious backgrounds and cultures. And today they are totally irreligious, in the sense they do not believe in any religion, but practise basic moral principles and values of love, truth, justice and honesty. That leaves me with no worries, because they are equipped to ride through life successfully with all what is required. So I am optimistic of the future, given the fact of a truly globalised and closely interconnected world we are now in, where there is not much room for dogmatic exclusiveness and divides of culture, religion, languages and nationalities. Still, parents have a huge responsibility to ensure proper upbringing, whereby children grow up with strong attitudes of good morals and right values…best wishes… Raj.

    • Thank you for leaving the best comment I have had in 3 1/2 years. Parents do have a responsibility. The Divine sends us clean pure minds and hearts and it is our responsibility what is put in. I think it should be ethics, morals, love, gentleness, kindness and compassion. If we could do this with every child born from now on, we would heal Mother Earth and we would have peace. Namaste, Barbara

    • Wonderful comment here Raj…. Yes Parents have a huge responsibility in how and what they teach their children.. So many are indoctrinated with their parents attitudes.. Instead of being taught the values of Love, tolerance, Honesty ect as you have said so eloquently within your comment.. 🙂

  4. I do not wonder at all what American children would say, I think they would say something quite similar. Nice find, thank you for posting.

  5. Hariod Brawn says:

    “It is neither useful nor useless” – So many wonderful and profound quotes such as this; an inspiring and hope-giving view into the minds of these young ones. With many thanks, Hariod.

  6. Juli says:

    Great catch, Barbara. Thank you for posting this wonderful video. ‘Out of the mouths of babes..’

  7. I am religious but my religion teaches me that if religion becomes the source of disunity then it is better to have none! There is only one God, one humanity and one religion in truth because all the faith traditions are from Him.

  8. I landed here from Mr Rajagopal’s blog 🙂

    A lovely video this one. Children are innocent and with pure hearts. I wonder whether they would retain the same view on religion when they grow up. I ardently wish, they do… 🙂

    I think children from all over the world perhaps have the same view on this particular questions… 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing the video.

  9. kcg1974 says:

    Truth from the mouths of innocence. Tears in my eyes from such a gift to all who view. Thank you.

  10. Dear Barbara thank you so much for sharing this video. The children here are showing us how so disjointed and tainted our views on religion have become..
    I loved the comment of one little girl.. God created man, and man created religion.
    And I how if we stopped following religious indoctrinations how more peacefully we would all get along

    Excellent post… Living from our hearts in love should be the only religion we follow… We are One..

    love to you.. Sue xxx

  11. There hope in the world as long as there are children.
    We are not borne corrupt, we are taught these defilements. _/\_

  12. This is a wonderful and powerful video, Barbara, thank you for sharing this! I stumbled upon your site from Raj’s reposting on his blog. I’m of the same mindset and don’t adhere to one religion but have an appreciation for all. I’m a very spiritual person and actually, have many “icons” of different religions around my home as I accept them all. Blessings!!

  13. That was a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing.

    Having lived my childhood in India, I can well relate to what the children are saying.

    I am also left wondering how and when religion seeped into me. Was it my process of socialisation? Was it the influence of my mother? Or was it a gradual indoctrination through listening to media and politicians? I suspect it has been a mix of all these in my life……

    The question, I suppose, that needs to be asked is, “What needs to be done by society as well as the individual to retain an all inclusive perspective about religions?’


  14. dilipnaidu says:

    Yes it is the young generation who have a pure mind and so they can embrace diversity. Unfortunately it is the negativity of the adults that starts affecting their innocence.

    Very inspiring!

  15. alohaleya says:

    So glad I found this…thank you for sharing. My heart feels warm, full, and heavy after listening to these wise ones. They tell it like it is…and I have hope and faith that more of us adults who feel this same way are finding each other – and creating a new world for the gifts of these young ones to be heard, honoured, and nurtured. ❤ Aleya

    • Beautifully said. I am glad you stopped and left a comment. I appreciate your thoughts very much. We are all connected and there is one human family. Blessings and hugs to all, Barbara

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