A Saturday Adventure

Hello everyone. I thought I would tell you and show you about our adventure. On Saturday, Maggie, my sister and myself started out on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was fascinating. Though still summer, there are many hues of green on the trees and shrubs. It was truly amazing. We went to the Folk Art Center, where local artists sell their wares and are often available to talk. Next we drove on to Black Mountain, where Maggie used to live. We had lunch with all the other tourists and took my sister to the old general store. They carry so many items. It is a huge building and it is full. Maggie hauled me over to a display of walking sticks.


Now I have my decade old cane which has a wizard carved into it. I keep refusing to get other sticks, but they both were hounding me and I did find one I like. They Amy found a matching one. They are from the Great Smokies and have bear prints on them. Amy told me they would be great for “off roading.” In other words, when they get me to leave solid ground for a trail. These beauties were the least expensive I have seen anywhere. So they came home with us.


I thought I would share some of my photographs from the day, with you.

Namaste, Barbara



  Really cool cloud formations as twilight begins to come upon us.

                            Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015





   The mountains here are literally layer upon layer. There is a book published that                                   gives all the names of the mountains. It is a fairly thick book. Photograph and                                      copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015





 The clouds here are amazing. Photograph and copyright by

                               Barbara Mattio 2015



A predictor of autumn? Some leaves are turning colors. Photograph                                and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015



DSC_0614                                    Blue Ridge Mountains. Photograph and copyright by

                                  Barbara  Mattio 2015




 Thin needle evergreen. Photograph and copyright by Barbara                                          Mattio 2015


  Maggie and Amy on our excursion.

                                                 Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015



Off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015

Off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2015

7 thoughts on “A Saturday Adventure

  1. Ms. Vee says:

    Beautiful Barbara!

  2. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    That area is beautiful. Like you said, every mountain has a name. We grow up learning them by their shape and what they are known for. Table Rock is one of my favorites; I have a sawmill blade with Table Rock painted on it and this sentiment: “If you can’t see Table Rock from where you are then you are too far from home.”

    Many hugs, Barbara, for a snippet of home.

    Love, Jackie

  3. I will have to look for Table Rock. Now I am curious. Hugs, Barbara

  4. Beautiful I’ve never been to these mountains… Thanks for sharing… Spain is so much different… Barbara

  5. Great photos. The clouds look enchanting.

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