Don’t Let Fear Stand in Your Way

I wanted to share another TED Talk with you, by Priya Parker.  Priya is an advisor to leaders and organizations on strategy, vision and purpose. Her company, Thrive Labs, works with individuals and teams to help them identify what they care about most and align it with market realities. Her research includes identifying what are the driving factors that lead people to thriving and what blocks them from it. She helps organizations keep and grow their culture and values as they scale. Drawing on 10 years of conflict resolution facilitation in the United States, India and the Middle East, Priya designs visioning and innovation labs that help organizations grow from the root.


She shares 7 techniques on how to know if you need to reboot your life.  It’s an interesting take on life, and encourages us to overcome our fears and follow our passions, whatever they may be.








One thought on “Don’t Let Fear Stand in Your Way

  1. Lucid Gypsy says:

    Wow, she’s good!

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