Mother Earth is Giving Us a Wake-up Call

We are getting a wake-up call from Mother Earth. It is called climate change. The number of Polar bears is declining by forty percent. This was determined by a study linking the Polar bear population and climate change.

Why, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. Polar bears rely on ice to have access to the seals which are their main food source. They move from ice flow to ice flow. Ice is also used for resting and breeding. The problem is that the ice is melting. As ice melts, we must understand that it becomes more and more difficult to find ice.


So, realistically, the polar bears are finding less ice to feed from, to breed on and to rest on. This is why the polar bear population is declining rather rapidly. As of 2010, according to an article published in Ecological Applications, there are now only 900 polar bears. It is such a sad thing.


Polar Bear cubs need our help with climate change.

Polar Bear cubs need our help with climate change.

We have an urgent call to fix climate control. It is the main reason we are losing our polar bears. Close your eyes, now imagine a world without bears, without any of our wild animals. No bears, big cats, elephants, kangaroos, antelope, or rhinos. We are getting way to close to this being our reality. Now, we need to speak up and demand global action.




Now, on the other hand, we are making some success in slowing the decline of our tiger population. We have had success even where tiger habitats span national boundaries. India and Nepal have worked together with WWF, World Wildlife Fund, to increase the population of tigers. Their goal is to double the population by 2022.


They are using camera trap images to confirm that tigers use three forested wildlife corridors that provide vital links between protected areas across both sides of the international borders.


Bangladesh has hosted the Second Conference of the Global Tiger Recovery Program. They will do a population count in 2016. So this news is good but there is much to do. You could go overseas and help. You could join the WWF and donate money to save the wild animals. You could work within your own communities to improve climate change. Action is needed. Voices need to be raised to our elected officials here in America.


This world belongs to each and everyone of us. That includes you and I. It also includes our neighbors and our communities.  And it includes the animals we share the planet with.



Wild Tigers at Play

Wild Tigers at Play

16 thoughts on “Mother Earth is Giving Us a Wake-up Call

  1. I watch Animal Planet and I heard all these theories. I say theories because I read that we are headed into another ice age. Years ago I heard that the earth was tilting on its axis and we would have a major climate change. I don’t think the scientist know what’s going on. But I know we are abusing the earth and need to respect each other, the plants and trees and all the animals. The abuse of fossil fuel is the major culprit I believe. It was under ground for a reason.

    • Well, I think both sides are doing their best to explain the climate change. Whichever way the climate is having a terrible effect on Mother Earth and wild animals and plants. Since this is our only planet we must make positive changes. Hugs, Barbara

  2. :Hi Barbara, quite a wonderful article, I have to go quick but saw this in my email…my husband is not welll…
    huggs re-blog

  3. Rajagopal says:

    Barbara you have hit upon an issue that is at last , though not too late , seizing global attention . Conservation measures on tigers and elephants are seeing some success ; hopefully , something similar on a mission footing may happen for polar bears too in tune with the world striking the right balance on sustainable development and environmental conservation with cleaner fuel . Meanwhile the flip side is that the physical world as we perceive it also has a shelf life with the consolation that it extends to several hundred thousand years (pl read my post on “heaven , hell and end of the world”) . Thus everything is hurtling to an end , apparently for the evolutionary cycle to start all over again may be in some other distant planet . At our individual level , what we must do is to plant more trees than we are destroying , conserve the environment and go in for only sustainable development…wishing you a great day….raj

  4. E.D. says:

    we have only 40 years left, due to the ignorance of man. the ice caps are melting, leaving us with a sea of methane, which is highly dangerous. to find out about climate change, the future – i would suggest the british scientist James Lovelock – videos on line. Eve

  5. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    So true!

  6. D.G.Kaye says:

    All these replies are sad and true. It goes beyond the animals. We have only to look at the hurricanes, floods and deep freezes etc. The world is changing and not for the good. Sometimes I believe God is very angry at us for what man has done to his world. It wouldn’t surprise me if his intent is to clean up the world with us to reap what we sowed and start over again like Noah’s ark.

  7. Controlling poaching is a goal in the effort to increase population of endangered spieces. There is very little success in this effort, unfortunately. The poachers have been successful, to a point, in paying the wildlife caretakers to look the other way.

    Global change is certainly not in someone’s imagination. The polar vortex has raised its ugly head again in the northeastern region. Look what’s happening in the upper New York State region and in New England! Horrific temps and enormous, record-breaking snow!

    If only this cold will stop the calving of the icebergs, it surely would help the plight of the polar bears.

    Thanks for this important blog, Barbara.

  8. Thank you this wake up call post Barbara. I am so glad that you write this and hope it will inspire many to care about our earth.

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