Beauty of LIfe Award





Because of the importance of Human Beings taking action to save our planet, Mother Earth, I have designed this award to thank all the bloggers who through their blogs and their efforts show that they love and respect Mother Earth, and do what they can to save our precious and beautiful Planet.  This award is a reminder that there is no Plan B, and no Planet B.

The Rules have to do with you and your conscience:  when awarded this award, try to something good for the Planet every week.

Those who receive this award will be the bloggers who have brought to light the necessity of saving our Planet, and who encourage others to help in this important fight, through their words, art and deeds.

The very first recipients of this award are:

  1. Victo Dolore
  2. Jackie Saulmon-Ramirez
  3. AB
  4. Mark Bialczak
  5. Lady Pink Rose
  6. Toemailer
  7. Maryam
  8. Danaiana
  9. Bluerock/Debrazone
  10. Quiall
  11. MsTranquility
  12. Grumpygorman
  13. Eartlhyradiance
  14. Karen Wan
  15. Mihrank
  16. Lobetero
  17. Lilly
  18. Abuse Ends when you Love Yourself
  19. Sue Dreamwalker
  20. Moorbey
  21. Chocolate Vent
  22. Maxima
  23. Nandini
  24. Gillswriting
  25. Soul of a Gypsy
  26. Friendly Fairytales
  27. Charles1958
  28. Danicopiche
  29. Sadie
  30. Busy Mind Thinking
  31. belsbror
  32. Cassidy Frazee
  33. Susan Marie Malloy
  34. RoSy

11 thoughts on “Beauty of LIfe Award

  1. Victo Dolore says:

    Thank you. I am humbled.

  2. irinadim says:

    A beautiful award! Congratulations to all recipients!

  3. quiall says:

    I am touched that my words have moved someone else! Thank you.

  4. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    Thank you, Barbara, I feel honored. I want to share this with you… My youngest daughter came in from out of state to attend her sister’s wedding. Katie said that after listening to me and then learning more that she has stopped eating red meat to help reduce her impact on the environment that is affecting climate change. She still eats chicken and eggs because that is sustainable. Her telling me that made me so proud and love her all the more. Thank you again, Barbara, you are so kind. ❤

    • Oh, Jackie, I need to design a mother of the year award for you. I respect what you have done for your family and for the hundreds of other children who benefit by your work and your words. Hugs always, Barbara

      • Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

        That is so funny! If I were a “good mother” I would not have needed Parents Anonymous all those years. 🙂 ❤

      • Life is full of growth and change. Now you are a role model. Now you are helping others change the way they function in this beautiful world. Hugs, Barbara

  5. danaiana says:

    Thank you, I feel honored!

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