Ted Talks – Domestic Violence is a Men’s Issue


In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month, I want to share an enlightened perspective on why Domestic Violence is a Man’s issue.  If we listen to this thought and followe the ideas conveyed, perhaps we can end violence in the home where it so often begins, with the man.  As I have said before, I am well aware that there are women abusers, but no one has the right to hit another human being.





7 thoughts on “Ted Talks – Domestic Violence is a Men’s Issue

  1. I went out for that stupid red moon hoax saw nothing. They only thing that got red was my temper.

  2. claire says:

    Excellent video – good points.

  3. gillswriting says:

    Been on my travels and not had time to keep abreast of your posts but I come back and this is the first I see! So So relevant, important and true. Glad to be back and thanks for keeping on flying the flag! xxxx

  4. He makes excellent points and I am glad to see he acknowledges at least that violence happens across gender lines. We must not define this as one thing with only one result. It is not, violence isn’t only against women and isn’t only by men, the sooner we begin talking about what it really looks like the more we might be able to solve the real problems.

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