Heartbreak again in America

We must find a way to coexist.

We must find a way to coexist.

Lone Star College has suffered its second mass attack. The first, as you might remember was a mass shooting. A terrible event for students and parents to live through. Sadly, mass murders and mass attacks are becoming part of the tapestry of American life. WHY?!  How could so much anger and hatred be breeding within our shores?

Hate is not Holy

Today, this campus was invaded again by pain, terror and tragedy. A male suspect dressed in black, had stabbed 15 people, four of whom have been life-flighted to the hospital. It appears that an X-acto knife or a box cutter, or another knife, may have been the weapon used. One young woman interviewed stated that a woman had been cut around her mouth.

Lone Star Campus

Lone Star Campus

An item like this was the possible weapon

An item like this was the possible weapon

My heart is screaming. More children, more injuries, tears for students and teachers and parents. Fear, on this campus and others, has reached a crippling state.  This is horrifying. I have a grandson, not in Texas, who is in college, and this sort of violence terrifies me on his behalf.  And still, we do not learn.

Hatred is not holy, or religious, or beneficial. We must turn away from anger and hatred. We have to learn to live with acceptance and love and courtesy.
This country will die — we will continue to kill each other — if we do not teach our children to love, to be kind, to give, to accept and not to judge. We need to protect our children and change our society to a loving and accepting society.

Hearts need to be more important than guns or knives.

Hearts need to be more important than guns or knives.

Until we learn to accept one another, to teach love instead of intolerance, to stamp out prejudice in favor of caring, this sort of tragedy will continue to occur.  We must do more than cry and wail and beat our chests.  We must ACT, in love and in compassion and ensure that the next generation does not continue the violence.

4 thoughts on “Heartbreak again in America

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    This is sad and this must be stopped. By Any Means Necessary.

  2. Colline says:

    It is more than just that, I think. People need to care and listen again as they did in communities as old. Often when one reads about the perpetrators, one realises that there is often something missing in their day to day lives (hope, community, etc).

  3. Thank you for speaking out.

  4. I just feel that we must not become sensitive to these American tragedies. Please pass it on.

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