Guns and Domestic Violence

The Anatomy of Abuse

The Anatomy of Abuse

Today, I just want to talk about the violence that steals the peace in our world. The entire world is writhing with the pain of violence and hatred. Peace is something we need to choose and too many people are choosing hate, intolerence and violence. There is so much horror and death everywhere in the world, we are moving away from what is morally right, and ethical in our lives. We look around and there is terrorism, jihad, Domestic Violence, bullying and a total lack of regard for the suffering of others.

Love should never hurt

Love should never hurt

So many families are filled with abuse and It is happening more often each year. This effects millions of women and children. Part of the increase is that is reported more often. Part is the increase of violence in our society. This violence is reflected in the lives of women and children.


In these violent homes wars are being fought and people are being injured and killed. If you study cases of murder-suicide in America, the majority of the abusers own one or more guns. Women who leave an abusive situation are in the greatest danger. This is often the time when they are shot or beaten to death. Statistically, abusers believe in their right to to bear arms. So this issue is that we make guns available to men who beat, strike, and often kill the members of their family.Sometimes, they just kill the woman. All of us who have worked in Domestic Violence have seen an abuser with a gun. We often saw angry men with guns who threatened to kill the woman. We never quite knew if he would include us. I had several death threats made against me during my years in DV.

We need to add these two issues together because abusers, whether male or female, should never be allowed to have guns. No one should have to live in fear. Adding guns to the access of abusers is just putting women and children in more danger. We need to stand up and Congress needs to ratify the Violence Against Women act. It needs to be passed this year.

We need to stop violence against women and we need to make sure guns are not in the hands of abusers.

We need to stop violence against women and we need to make sure guns are not in the hands of abusers.

We need to keep talking about the danger so many live in. We need to insist that Congress do everything it can to protect women, children and men who are living in violence. Call or email your Congress people and Senators and tell them you want them to pass the Violence Against Women act and to push for gun control.

You can help save someone’s life. You can make a difference and choose making peace in our world.

4 thoughts on “Guns and Domestic Violence

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Love idealisticrebel’s blog post on this vitally important issue. Thank You Ms. Barbara

  2. You are a passionate person. – Thanks for all the important postings.

  3. Alex Jones says:

    Violence is often a form of control, an empty strategy since control is an illusion.

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