I am also inspired.

Wise Counsel

I am inspired!
Yes, I am inspired.
It may surprise you to know that at this moment, my inspiration is neither from a beautiful picture nor an amazing speech.
This inspiration is neither from the complexity of a new solution, nor from how detailed and elaborate a new approach turned out to be.
I am neither inspired by an advancement in technology nor a new skill/technique in generating money.
I am inspired by the few words of my friend, Alexandra.
Her words are simple but honest, humble but true.
Inspiration is neither hidden in flamboyance nor ambiguity.
Inspiration hides in wisdom.
Sometimes, the simplicity of wisdom is so humbling.
We seek wisdom on the tallest mountains or in the deepest seas.
We search for wisdom in the words of great philosophers and in ancient books.
Yet wisdom stares at us from the casual words of our usual friends.


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Source of Inspiration


Thank you for the boulder in my path
that gives me perseverance, for
the person who hurts me that I may
learn forgiveness. Thank you for
those who come into my life and annoy
me; from them I learn compassion and patience.

I do not ask you t0 remove problems from
my life, but rather for the strength and
wisdom to learn from them, then to let them go.

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To Find Your Artistic Voice


The thing about creativity is that it is a gift that makes many of us artists Artistic life means we look at the world differently than some others do. We look at the same days in a week and we see very different experiences.Things just seem to feel, smell, look different to us. For writers, photographers, painters, designers, musicians and all other type of artists there is an extra special something. I don’t know anyone who can give it a name that fits all types of art, but it is as real as a sunrise or the North Star on a black, black night.

There is no greater glory than to work hard for what you love most. Even the seemingly ugly elements of nature are adorned with beauty. Be patient with those struggling to find their artistic voice.The artist who is frustrated and working hard doesn’t seem reasonable. If you find yourself in this place work on grace in your work.

As artists, we know that ultimately we will never fully understand all of the work we create. If we can’t understand it, there will be many who can tell in great detail what we were saying, but few of them even have a clue.

The more we use our artistic voice, the closer we become to artistic purity. What is pure for me as a painter or photographer may look like soot to someone else. But we know we have create purity. Even death cannot take it away from you. Don’t let obstacles interfere with your work. Raise your voice and let all of that purity out.

Bob Marley, musician and lover of human beings

Bob Marley, musician and lover of human beings

Love is important here. It seems to belong to every aspect of living. Love yourself first and others that share your life…that are part of your world. This love is what conquers;  that blankets your artistic voice. So love is like the right lens, mixing the right color, singing your best aria, writing your best, playing the best viola you can or playing the best guitar riff you can.  Exercise love and you will uncover your voice.



My best thought on artistic voice is to communicate. And keep communicating until someone begins to hear and see you and your work. At the point of life where you can identify what you believe, then you will evolve with every note, click of the camera, brush stroke, pen stroke, or song that fills the air. As you evolve, your artistic voice becomes stronger and louder and more self-fulfilling. So love yourself, create all you can and bring all of that positive beauty and magic into this world. Each time you create, you help to get rid of some of the negativity in the world..

The Three Stages of Women

The Three Stages of Women


I encourage you to raise that voice, heal the obstacles and negativity and give the world a glimpse of what is possible.

Act As If



   Photo by Barbara Mattio

“You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile on your face, And show the world all the love in your heart .Then people gonna treat you better. You’re gonna find, yes, you will. That you’re beautiful as you feel.” —–Carole King

Boat launch near Cleveland. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Boat launch near Cleveland. Photo by Barbara Mattio

Act as if.” There’s magic in behaving the way we want to be, even though we don’t yet feel it. The behavior seems to lead the way. The attitude, the mental state follows.

Many days we we may not get up with love in our hearts for our family, our friends, our co-workers. We may, in fact, want them to show their love for us first.

If we reach out, give love unconditionally, focus on another’s needs, love will return tenfold.And the act of loving them will lift our own spirits. We will know love; we feel love for ourselves and the many other persons close to us. The principle is so simple, if we meet life with love, with a smile, we’ll find love and something to smile about.

Evening stroll

Evening stroll

Praise for The Divine


The color of flowers

The color of flowers

The Wild Rose of Praise

Those unable to grieve,
or to speak their love,
or to be grateful, those
who can’t remember God
as the source of everything.

Might be described as vacant wind,
or a cold anvil, or a group
of frightened old people.

Say the Name. Moisten your tongue
with praise, and be the spring ground,
waking. Let your mouth be given
its gold-yellow stamen like the wild rose’s.

As you fill with wisdom,
and your heart with love, there’s no more thirst.

There is only an unselfish patience
waiting on the door-sill, a silence
which doesn’t listen to advise
From people passing in the street.”


“Let the beauty we love be what we do.” —-Rumi